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Okay, I realise some people have weight problems due to underlying issues, be those issues mental or physical. Some are overweight but are happy with it – and good on them.

Some people use mental or physical problems as to why they are fat – but actually don’t have these problems. These people really annoy me as they are belittling those that really do have underlying issues.

Some people are overweight and make excuses for it, when if they are brutally honest to themselves they would see that they could do something about it.

Sure, some people comfort eat or graze – I do now and then – but I don’t use it as a crutch to lean on over my weight. Mind you, often instead of comfort eating now, I go out and comfort walk…

I’ve never liked moaners – the type of people who would rather moan and complain than actually do something about the problem. These people just scream “LOOK AT ME!!! I NEED ATTENTION!!!” – And yes, in a few cases this may actually be a medical condition, so I don’t mean those few cases… (We are in a World gone PC mad…).

So if you are overweight and have the possibility to do something about it but aren’t, then I don’t want to hear you moan.

Before you write to complain, please read the above intro again – I am fully aware some people cannot do anything about their weight, and some people are perfectly happy about their weight – THIS ISN’T AIMED AT THEM!

For those that can’t do anything about their weight, then I honestly have no bad feelings against you (why would I?). I can’t begin to imagine how tough it is.

Anyway, I noticed I was become portly (like Southampton…) so decided to do something about it (rather than moan and winge….)

There are lots of fad and proper diets out there, but when it all comes down to basics, people become overweight because they eat too much of the wrong stuff and do too little of the right stuff (Remember what I said at the start please – I don’t include everyone!!!)

Logic really – If you take in more energy (calories in food) than you exert (through exercise and activity) then you’ll put on weight!

For exercise I Nordic Walk (also called Ski or Pole walking – More on that HERE). I generally do an hour a day – It’s easy, low impact and not too tiring (depending how hard you push!)

I currently have a pretty smooth weight loss going on – although now and then it stutters as I hit a plateau for a day or two, and then off it drops again. The important thing is to do it for a good reason, that way you won’t give up at the slightest hardship or difficulty. I’m doing it as I want to be fitter and healthier to enjoy my son – I don’t want to be a Dad who sits and watches because he hasn’t the energy to join in – I also want to be healthy to live long enough and healthy enough to not be a burden on him as he grows up.

I’ve lost almost 3 stone in 7 weeks. This has been done by cutting down slightly on my food intake and just keeping an eye on the calories. I’m not a salad muncher or anal calorie watcher by any means (I do look at calories in food when I buy it, but don’t count them religiously) – I still eat burgers, roast meals and kebabs. I’ve had sweets, ice lollies, crisps, pretty much all I used to eat – but in moderation. I really didn’t need to eat so much, so I just cut down on the quantity of what I ate.

We need about 2500 calories a day on average, so if you pile away 4 cakes with 600 calories in, you’ve pretty much doubled your daily calorie intake! It’s little things like this I look for now.

I don’t eat late at night now (well, not frequently!) as that also doesn’t help with weight issues.

If I do get a bit hungry between meals I’ll munch on a carrot or eat a bowl of Bran Flakes instead of a Mars bar etc. In fact a bowl of a bran rich cereal will really help knock the snacking on the head, as the body digests bran slower than other foods so you end up feeling fuller for longer.

I may just knock back a pint of chilled water instead of eating a snack – as lets face it; most of us eat a little too much and don’t drink enough water! Replace your grazing and snacking with drinking water instead and you’ll re-hydrate, lose some weight (or gain less!) and generally feel better.

Another thing I learnt was to eat slower. It takes about 20 minutes for the body to register it is full – so if you wolf down that king sized kebab in 10 minutes you’ll still feel hungry and pick up that McWhopper…. So take your time and enjoy your food! You’ll eat less and feel less bloated due to unwittingly overeating.

I’m no dietician, I’m not a Doctor or anything – This is just what works for me!

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